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Keg Draft Sake

Sake on Tap!!
Now we had launched new Sake style. Keg draft sake is the most innovative products for the restaurant and bar.


Served by the grass! Keep the quality for long
Direct filled unpasteurized, unfiltered, no diluted fresh Sake into the special containers "KeyKeg" and serve on tap.

The experience of taste in the brewery
Freshness flavor, chilly and natural soft carbonated touch will keeps long time.
This is the pure taste of fresh Sake.

Fit on your equipment
KeyKeg can fit with your beer or wine dispensing system. Easy to install fresh sake tap on your restaurant & bar.

KeyKeg is trademark of Lightweight Containers B.V.
*KeyKeg is trademark of Lightweight Containers B.V.

Quality control
KeyKeg technology will protected from the oxidation and the light, but even the Sake is unpasteurized, so it need to keep temperature lower than 5 degrees.
Please keep in the refrigerator.

Ship by COOL QUALITY LOGISTICS             

We focus on high quality products and put top priority on not only temperature control but also shipping methods. CQL is a collaboration between producers, distributors and logistics providers to maintain the true taste of Japan, no matter where in the world CQL products are enjoyed.

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